Tour de France

The famous tour de France is passing every year in our area. The reason is that roads are always up or down and slopes are quite sharp. The view and the sceneries are unique.

This year 2017 the tour will pass on July 14 within 10Kms of the house.
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Other circuits

Circuit A: 45 km **
Circuit B: 67 km ***
Circuit C: 101 km ****

- Rimont : Village built in 1273. It has been burn by the German army in august 1944.
- Abbaye de Combelongue : Church
- Col de Rille : Point of view
- Col de la Crouzette : Point of view
- Ercé, Aulus, Cominac : Valley of the montreurs d'ours (displayer of bears).
- Cominac : Typical stone barn.




If you don't have your own, you can rent any type of bike at Seix at the Picou sport shop (8 Kms from the house).

Mountain Bike

There are so much small roads and track to go that it will be quite difficult to describe them. You can enjoy easy rides in the valley or more fun going to the slopes.
You can rent bikes and have all kind of help at Massat village locaCycle. It is 20 minutes drive from the house or 2 hours biking through spectacular and quiet places.