Our 2 Donkeys Marquis and Lilly are grazing nearby and would most probably come to visit. They love to be petted and they are very gentle with children but unfortunately they are not prepared for hiking.
Bringing a donkey along on a hike in the mountains is a great solution for families with small children who are too big to carry but not old enough to walk very far.
Usually children don't have much interest in the landscape or environment. They will like more fun and having the company of an animal will motivate them for long walks.
Better to go there before booking for the donkeys to see the owner and to arrange everything beforehand.



Hanno & Marie-Christine Terörde-Jacquerie
La Bourdasse, 09320 Aleu,
Tél: 05 61 04 43 19

Donkeys can carry your baggage or young children, leaving you free to savour the pleasures of walking in a beautiful, unspoiled environment.
You can have half a day or one day circuit.
Owners love their donkeys. You will also like them.

Gite d'étape d'Aunac

09140 Seix Tél: 05 61668215

In the middle of the mountains. It is about 5 km from the Seix village Donkeys are well trained and they have nice walks for 4 to 5 hours at the speed of donkeys. Walks usually goes in small tracks down the valley then go up again at places with nice view at the Mont Valier and the Pyrenees mountains.



Salbis 09320 Le port

The place is close to Massat not too far from l'Etang de l'Hers. To go there you have to pass Aulus then Col d'Agnes and Etang de l'Hers. It is located at 1000 m elevation, Balad’âne is in the middle of the mountains, between the peak called Les Trois Seigneurs and the high altitude lake the Etang de Lers.