For those who own their own horses, we welcome the horses in the paddock and riders in the house. Around the house you will find many hiking trails and scenic surroundings.
Merens, a small village in the high valleys of the Ariege, gave its name to an ancient local breed of black horses known for their gentleness, their endurance and their sure-footed.


Ferme équestre de Coumariau

At: OUST 15 minutes drive from the house
Loréna Sala, BEES
Horse riding school for all levels
Tel: 05 61 96 57 71 or 05 61 66 88 54
When you come from Erce you will found at Oust on your left side a small road with a sign board "ferme equestre".
Take this road for 4 to 5 km up the hill and you will reach a flat land with a wonderfull view.
They have nice equipment and it is the ideal place to get riding lessons as well as guided outings and trips
lasting from a few hours to over a week.


Ferme du Mont Beas

At ERCE. It is only 10 minutes from the house.
In a remote valley at the foot of Mont Beas.
Tel: 05 61 66 80 92
Open from April 1 to October 31.
You will get unforgettable mountain rides.