The mountain style house of Cambouich is situated above the village of Erce in a clearing occupied by pastures in the middle of the forest.
A lot of barns have been built in this part of the mountain. Thanks to the exposure and unlimited amount of vegetation, the cows are nourished throughout the year. On top, it is absolutely peaceful.
To access it, there is a ground track which goes up 3 kilometers in the mountain and which is only used by some peasants.
The house of Cambouich is located at 1200 m of altitude. It had been abandoned by the farmers because the slopes do not allow the mechanization of the cultures. It was recently renovated by preserving its typical granite walls and its slate roof.

The house is in the heart of the regional park of the Pyrenees. Nature is still wild and preserved. You will enjoy the tranquility of the place.
The view shows the slopes of Mont Valier which are the highest tops of high Ariege, this is really exceptional.
And to refresh you, there is a spring beside the house which runs throughout the year.
Usted puede disfrutar de la tranquilidad. Aquí, el aire es transparente y que beba agua, pura, nuestra montaña.